The QBA are excited to announce the 2023 Queensland State Band Championships will be proudly hosted in Brisbane at Somerville House over the weekend of 23rd and 24th September 2023.

We look forward to seeing as many of our QLD bands entering as possible.  It’ll be great to see our bands on stage again!

Entry has now closed for bands.

Player Passes are available for pre-purchase in bulk online, up to 35 per band.  Submit a Player Pass request online, pay with direct deposit, and collect your tickets at the venue.  Purchase Player Passes Online here..

Competition Details

Contest Dates: 23rd and 24th September 2023

Venue: Somerville House, South Brisbane

2023 Besson Slow Melody Contest

The Besson Slow Melody Contest will be held in the beautiful Chapel at Somerville House, with a soloist from each band organisation welcome to enter.  Top 3 performances will be invited to perform at the Gala Concert the following evening.

Contest Date: 22nd September 2023, 7pm

Venue: Somerville House, South Brisbane

Open Ungraded Event

This event will be included in the State Championships for bands who are unable to meet the expected criteria/regulations to enter the graded sections of the state titles.

Feedback will be provided by the section adjudicator, however no placements will be awarded.

Any band may enter the open ungraded section if they meet the following criteria:

  • are currently affiliated with the QBA (however, competing registration is not required)
  • junior level, school level or open level
  • can perform three own choice pieces - sacred/reflective item; entertainment item; concert or street march
  • total playing time cannot exceed 20 minutes
  • can reasonably demonstrate that they are unable to compete in their corresponding championship section for the given year

Entry Fee: $350 Open Grade band, $200 Junior/School band

Briefly state reason for not entering the competitive events to QBA Secretary.

Entries Close 14 August 2023 (Open Ungraded Event only)

Key Dates

Test Pieces Announced   1st June 2023
Entries Open   1st June 2023
Entries Close   31st July 2023
Late Entries Close   14th August 2023
Player Registrations Due (online)   12th August 2023
Own Choice Music Due   25th August 2023
Permit Player Applications Due   2nd September 2023
2023 Besson Slow Melody Contest   22nd September 2023
2023 QLD State Band Championships   23rd, 24th September 2023

Key Documents

Conditions Of Entry

Test Pieces

The test pieces for the contest have been announced.

Event Title Composer
A GRADE BRASS Ballet for Band Joseph Horovitz
B GRADE BRASS Luminosity Nancy Galbraith
C GRADE BRASS Lake of the Moon Kevin Houben
D GRADE BRASS Overture - Henry the Fifth Ralph Vaughan Williams arr Roy
JUNIOR GRADE BRASS No set test - Own Choice Selection only Please note: Junior Grades play one selection only
A GRADE CONCERT 4 Cornish Dances Malcolm Arnold
A GRADE CONCERT Divertimento for Band Vincent Persichetti
C GRADE CONCERT Suite Provencale Jan Var der Roost
D GRADE CONCERT Spring Festival Chen Yi
JUNIOR GRADE CONCERT No set test - Own Choice Selection only Please note: Junior Grades play one selection only


Entry Fees

Late entry fee will apply for Open and Junior entries received between 1st August and 14th August.

Note: Ungraded Open and Junior open until 14th August with no late entry fee.

Category   On Time Entry   Late Entry
Open Brass/Concert   $350   $525
Junior Brass/Concert/School   $250   $375
Ungraded Open   $350   N/A
Ungraded Junior/School   $250   N/A


Yet to be announced!




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