What is the Music Advisory Board (MAB)?

The MAB consists of a panel of people with extensive expertise in brass and concert band music and performance, with its purpose being to act as a consultative and advisory body for the QBA Management Committee in relation to any issues referred to it by the QBA management committee.  Although the by-laws provide for some matters which the MAB is expected to assist with, the MAB is also free to make suggestions and recommendations to the Management Committee about any music or performance related matter which the MAB as a whole, or any individual Board member, believes to be important. 

What are the duties of the MAB?

The many duties of the MAB (and its members) include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • recommending set music for Band Contests and Solo Competitions as required
  • responsible for recommending the appointment of Adjudicators
  • Grading – including recommending promotion or relegation of bands according to standards attained

What is the commitment level required?

The MAB shall meet, as required, although most communication will be by email initiated by the Co-ordinator of the MAB or the President of the Management Committee.

2022/23 Music Advisory Board

The following are current members of the Music Advisory Board:

  • Prof Rob McWilliams
  • Dr Rachel Howley
  • Dr Mark Smith
  • Maureen Cameron
  • Phil Ryan
  • Jodie Lutherburrow


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