Banding is fun, enjoyable, and socially rewarding.

Learning to play an instrument is very common and accessible in our Australian schooling system.  But, with the pressures of life, further education and work, many instruments end up in the cupboard, under the bed, or passed onto other young learners.  It is never too late to start up again, or to make a commitment to never let it slide (no pun intended for our trombonists...).

There are bands and musical groups for all standards, whether you just want to have fun and play, right through to the highest level of competitive banding.  You'll have many laughs and great times along the way, and you'll meet others with the same interests.

Reach out to your local band, look them up on our site, or ask us for help.

Queensland Band Association

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Patron: Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young PSM


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Queensland Banding


The QBA is affiliated with the National Band Council of Australia (NBCA).